Summer skip-a-pay is here!

Mid-Illini is currently accepting applications for summer Skip-A-Pay!

Cash flow a little tight? Let us ease the burden. To reward our established loan customers, Mid-Illini offers our Skip-A-Pay Program to qualified members on eligible loans* twice each year.

Each year during the summer and again during the holidays, qualifying Mid-Illini members have an opportunity to skip their loan payment in either November or December and again in June or July. There is a $30 fee for loan with payments of up to $250 and $40 for loans with payments of $250 or more. The fee is for each payment skipped, and interest will continue to accrue. The fee may be paid by check or directly debited from your Mid-Illini Checking or Savings Account or added on to the remaining balance on the loan. 


Want to know if you qualify?

Chances are you're eligible for the Skip-A-Pay program if you meet these qualifications:

  • You have no Mid-Illini loan payment that is 30 days past due.
  • You haven't had a Mid-Illini loan payment that is 30 days past due in the past six months.
  • You haven't already used the Skip-A-Pay Program 6 times on your loan.*
  • You've made at least six payments on your loan already.
  • You have more than six payments left to make on your loan.
  • Your savings and checking accounts are not in a negative status**
  • You paid last month's loan payment.
 *The additional Skip-A-Pay opportunities offered in 2020 as part of our Financial Hardship Relief efforts do not count toward the 6.
**Exceptions may be made if you are utilizing overdraft protection. 


Important info about the Skip-A-Pay program

Visa credit card, mortgage, home equity, Fresh Start, and CAB loans do not qualify for the Skip-A-Pay program.

The $30 or $40 Skip-A-Pay fee does NOT apply toward the interest or the principal on your loan.

To see if your request has been processed, log in to your online banking account and check the next due date on your loan under the 'details' tab.

You WILL be notified by phone or by mail if your request is denied.

All request forms MUST be completed and received (not postmarked) before the end of the month for the payment you want to skip, or the request WILL NOT be processed. Please allow at least 14 days for mail time and processing. These requests are processed in the order they're received, regardless of the payment due date

$30 or $40 fee does not apply toward the interest or principal of the loan. Interest will continue to accrue during the time that payments are skipped, so the total interest paid on this loan will increase. The term of your original loan will extend as a result.



Below are links that will allow you to complete and sign the form online or print a pdf version. 


Completed and signed applications can be: 

  • Submitted online through DocuSign - see links below. 
  • Faxed to 309-661-0616 
  • Mailed to PO Box 1266, Bloomington, Il 61702
  • Dropped off at 1811 Eastland Drive during regular business hours 
  • Dropped off via the Eastland Drive Night Depository  


  • Individual account holders, click HERE.

  • Joint account holders, click HERE.

  • To download the pdf and print an application, click here