Mid-Illini has something for everyone!

Mid-Illini Credit Union has something for everyone in your family. That means we take care of mom’s always-active debit card transactions and that savings account that dad sings about in the shower. We gave grandpa a great rate on CDs and helped your sweet, little niece to start saving early. And, even though no one is really thrilled that he’s driving, we also made sure your brother could get a car loan for that sweet new ride.

Every member of your family is different; especially that crazy cousin of yours who always makes himself at home on your couch. Thankfully, at Mid-Illini Credit Union, different is better. We understand that each of you has unique needs, and we have tailored our offerings for today’s family. When you let your family members know about these offerings, and they become members – it serves to strengthen the larger Mid-Illini Credit Union family – and everyone benefits! Mid-Illini Credit Union was made for your family!